Keith is always courteous and goes way beyond today's standard of customer service. I have been doing business with Keith for two years and will continue because of his personal attention.

In these days of poor communication and lack of commitment by service providers, it is refreshing to work with someone such as Keith.


I just wanted to reach out to you about the guy who delivered our supplies earlier today.  I can’t tell you his name, but I thought I should tell you what he did. He delivered our supplies as one would expect, dropping off the drinks in the kitchen and the paper in the copy room as I requested.  He was pretty high energy, seeming like he must often hurry around, which is why I was particularly surprised by what he did next. Before he left the copy room after dropping off the box of paper, he got out his pocket knife, cut the straps off the box, and carefully rolled them up before putting them in our trash/recycle bin.  Then, before he left our office, he stopped by my desk, got his knife back out, and cut open our box of small supplies.  It was a small gesture, but it really did mean so much.  It said to me, “Even though I may have a lot to do today,  I’m not in too big a hurry to help you open your boxes.”  Impressive

... J.R.  

I just wanted to pass along compliments to your guy who delivers your supplies.  I am embarrassed that I do not know his first name, but he is always so professional and courteous.  He delivered a fourth file cabinet the other day and jumped right in to move the other three so this last one would fit into the prescribed space we have for it.  He is the neatest man on the planet and always sincerely thanks us for our business.  I think you should know he is a credit to Pointer and between the fast turnaround from orders to delivery, the competitive pricing and the exemplary service we receive from everyone, we will continue to look to you for our office supplies.

... Beth

You have one of the best courier delivery guys we have ever had!
He is very efficient, polite, fast, and goes the extra mile. When he arrived this morning (which he always comes early), I had a lot of heavy boxes that no delivery guy has ever offered to help me put them on the shelf and this guy lifted all the heavy boxes and put them on the shelf in seconds. Then, while he is unloading, the FedEx delivery guy drives up and parks beside him but can't make his delivery. The FedEx guy sees an opening to hand me the box and your delivery guy helps him with a few more since he is blocking the FedEx guy.

I said to the FedEx guy; that their delivery guy is the nicest I have ever had in the 6 years I have been here. And the FedEx guy said, he was the nicest delivery guy he had ever run into and would never ever ask another delivery guy to help him but this guy offered.

I can't say enough about Keith Saville and the exceptional personal attention that he gives to his customers. I have worked with many office supply stores in the past but Keith and the crew are by far top of the line. Keith will take the time to call or email me, offer to find what I need if I am in a bind, expedite the order and then have it delivered the very next morning. The delivery service far exceeds the standard. The delivery driver will come right in, offer to put the boxes anywhere you want and then slice them open for you. Thank you Keith and crew for making my job just a little bit easier!

As someone who has dealt with countless office supply stores, I can honestly say they are at the top of their game. Extremely helpful staff, a user-friendly website, and exceptional prices! What more can you ask for? I have and will continue to recommend them to anyone I can!”

“I’ve been pleased with the prompt, efficient service as a new customer. Friendly, personable customer service and free shipping - what more do I need?”

It is refreshing to do business with you for many reasons...  Outstanding genuine customer service and attention to detail, providing a wide variety of quality products that my "picky" staff uses, and offering unbeatable prices on ALL of your inventory. Thank you so much for your outstanding service and I look forward to continuing to do business with you."


“Our company has been with them since they opened their doors.  We continue to be impressed by their responsiveness, commitment to customer service and competitive pricing. Based on our long term experience, any company should be very pleased with the service they would receive.”

“Finally, an office supply company that we can trust and customer service that surpasses all other companies we have done business with. Our organization is non-profit, so we are very cost conscious. You continually help us order quality products at great prices!”

"As a new customer, I have found not only cheaper prices, but very friendly and efficient customer service. Your prompt delivery of products and free shipping is a plus! It has been a pleasure doing business with you."

Keith has been a great partner throughout the process of the growth of our business. Regardless of the size of the order, Keith addresses our needs as if we were his biggest account. The truth is we are probably his smallest account, but he still provides us with price breaks customarily reserved for a corporate giant. He will save your business the time and money needed to give your company a fighting chance at success. Thanks Keith!”

 “I have been very pleased with the service I have received.  Keith has helped me navigate the site and chose the most economical products for my needs.  Ordering is fast and easy and prices are certainly competitive.  Products always arrive within a 1 to 2 day timeframe.  Very satisfied.”

 “I was so excited to hear from Keith and find out that he was back in the office supply business!   I have done business with Keith for over six years now and have always been impressed with his level of personal customer service.  He has always treated me as a friend, not just a customer. He truly goes the extra mile and I have a great example of the quality of his service:  Last fall I was in need of additional inexpensive cardboard literature sorters to use as mailboxes at my school.  I contacted every office supply store in the area and was told these were no longer made.  Then I heard Keith was back, I called him and I now have exactly what I needed!! Needless to say, Keith is once again my office supply source!!"

"I love the great customer service and the staff is unbeatable! I receive an accurate and prompt response to any question I have. They have excellent prices, fast delivery, and my order is always correct. I would recommend them to anyone!"

"You have been a great experience to purchase from, I don't know what I would have done without you. You have been only a phone call away with the orders I have made. I love the "Favorites" page you set up for me. I am so glad you contacted me about your services. Thank you for making my job so easy!"

"Keith, you are amazing! Your dedication, consideration and professionalism are beyond my expectations, you are what it is all about! I appreciate the personal care you give our account to insure our supply needs are met in every way!"

I hope it’s okay that I’m passing along your e-mail address to Keith Saville. Keith and I have worked together in the past, and I highly recommend him to everyone who has office product needs. The ordering website is incredibly easy to use, and has everything you need all in one spot. On top of that, Keith’s prices and customer service can’t be beat.
... Dixie




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